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Iceland's Blue Lagoon: Five Ways to Make Most of Your Visit

Iceland's Blue Lagoon: Five Ways to Make Most of Your Visit

One of the most common questions I get asked about Iceland is whether or not it's worth it to visit the famous Blue Lagoon.  The answer is yes, it definitely is!  In fact, if we had the time, my friend Devin and I would have returned for a second visit.  To make the most of your visit, here are my tips:

1) Book your ticket in advance, get there early

By booking your ticket in advance, you save about 10 Euros per guest. (For some reason, on their US website the prices are in Euros instead of Icelandic Krona).  Booking online also guarantees your entry, since you are not guaranteed access if you just show up.  I suggest booking your ticket for the earliest entry time available, to get the most out of your experience.  For us, it was 9 AM in November.  The first two hours were more quiet and relaxing, and spa-like.  As time went on, it became a more crowded, water-park like atmosphere.  This isn't to say it wasn't enjoyable later in the day, but it was definitely a different vibe. 

2) Take advantage of the silica mud mask bars

There are at least two bars full of this white miracle mud along the sides of the lagoon.  I highly suggest you apply this silica mud mask to your face- it makes it SO soft and smooth.  I enjoyed it so much that I applied two treatments of it through the course of our visit.  Later in the day, as we were leaving, I noticed that they sell bottles of the mask in the gift shop.  Unfortunately, it cost over $100 a bottle, so I had to pass on buying it.  Had I known how much the mask sold for, I probably would have applied it to my face three times!

3) Upgrade to the Comfort Package

For an extra 15 Euros, you can add on a towel rental and drink (of your choice!) to the cost of admittance.  It's definitely worth it, as no one likes schlepping a wet towel around in their bag, plus you can take advantage of the lagoon's swim-up bar!  I chose to get a glass of sparkling wine because I was feeling fancy, but you can choose from cocktails, beer, and other non-alcoholic options, like smoothies.

4) Purchase a waterproof case for your cell phone, or bring a waterproof camera

I wish I had thought of this!  My friend Devin bought a waterproof case for his iPhone on Amazon for under $10.  He was the only one in our travel group that thought of this, and he became the unofficial Blue Lagoon photographer of the trip.  Tip: Before using it, Devin tested the case's durability by stuffing a paper towel in it, and putting it in a glass of water for an hour.  Genius!

5) If possible, plan your visit around your arrival flight.

If your flight arrives at Keflavik International Airport in the morning, I would suggest making the Blue Lagoon the first place you visit.  The lagoon is only a short drive away, and on the way to Reykjavik.  Although I was slightly worried about leaving our luggage in the car, it was completely safe.  I kept my purse and passport in my locker (locker rentals are included with the price of admission).   While you can make the lagoon on stop on your way back to the airport, you won't have a very zen-like experience if you're worried about catching your flight.

If you're still unsure whether or not you should visit the Blue Lagoon, know that Beyoncé had a good time there.


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